Grump the tortoise's X and Y axis and numpy array dimensions

Image Dataset Augmentation – Part Two


Onward to Movement! In part one, we looked at some fundamentals about handling images in python, specifically with NumPy arrays and the scikit-image library. We now continue forward, and explore some of the processes we’ll use to augment our image based dataset. We’ll look at each process in isolation to understand how it works before […]

Grump the tortoise, the subject of our image testing

Image Dataset Augmentation – Part One


Introduction and Transformations Imaging in deep learning for computer vision and classification problems have become a compelling way to impress friends and family, influence strangers and demonstrate the power and adaptability of artificial neural networks and convolutional networks. It can also assist researchers and systems in sorting, segmenting and identifying / classifying data, movingmundane tasks […]

Python – make_iterable


Run into an issue with passing in an object to a function, but its type is changeable? Maybe you usually have multiple returns from another function formatted in an array or list or tuple, but in some cases it’s just a single value. This is a quick little check/changer to make sure your object is […]

Python – Clamp


Here is a quick little trick – How to be sure that a value is between a minimum and a maximum? Say you have an algorithm that requires values between some arbitrary set of numbers, like -10.5 and 15.99. This function will clamp a number between your given boundaries, or clip it at those markers. […]

Signal Vol 1 – Free Sound Effects


Selections of field recordings, foley work and sound effects. A lot of minimally processed audio for you to use in your projects, offered here for free! This is all raw or slightly processed material I’ve collected for use in sound design or for other library creation