Music and Sound Design Reels

Composing Examples

From Tv, Games, Film

Assorted genres and styles

Selection of music from trailers, film, commercials, television, video games and interactive media. I have composed in a huge variety of genres and instruments, with a strong emphasis on combining cultural traditions and global musical styles with modern instrumentation and media music convention.

From Empty Net

Documentary, aired on ESPN, NBC, Olympic Channel

Dialog, voiceover reduced

Sound Design direction for this film was to highlight hits and editing transitions without ‘overhyping’, keeping dynamic movements and energy. This project required a large amount of foley and creative sound design using pads, armor, helmets, ice and skating. My role consisted of Sound Designer, Foley Artist, Dialog Processing and Sweetening, Mixing and final audio delivery to multiple network formats in stereo and theatrical version in 5.1

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From The Golden Hour

Documentary, aired on NDTV, festivals

Opening, VO Removed

Sound Design direction focused on creating an overwhelming and immersive wall of sound to simulate this opening scene. Created in deeply layered sections of isolated vehicle recordings, traffic and crowds. My role was the entirety of post production sound, Sound Design, Foley, Additional Music Composition, Dialog Processing and Sweetening, Mixing and delivery to multiple formats, (stereo, 5.1, network specific) with multiple alternate length cuts

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From Expedition China

Television Series, aired on NatGeo, CCTV, Velocity

Sound Design Highlights

Sound Design direction for this series was to give personality, theming and verisimilitude. This international series required additional and extended foley and sound design to accommodate alternate dialog and translation / dub tracks for localization. My role was Sound Designer, Foley Artist, Mixing, Dialog Processing and Sweetening, and Delivery to networks, domestic and international, for all thirteen episodes and additional episode lengths, in multiple language formats.

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Creative Sound Design


Some examples of sound design, from user interface sound design, monster / creature design, VI instrument recording & processing, and moody ambient design

User Interface Sound Design

UI Selections

Some examples of sound design, from menu and motion graphic interaction and mechanical UI buttons