Broodhollow – Curious Little Thing Soundtrack

Broodhollow Album header for book 1

Broodhollow – Book One
Curious Little Thing Soundtrack Album


The official companion soundtrack to Broodhollow’s first book, Curious Little Thing –

A story driven soundtrack filled with classical tone pieces, bluesy roots and 1930s folk, set in the quirky cosmic horror universe of Kris Straub’s Broodhollow.

Included in your purchase is a PDF booklet with thoughts and liner notes for each track, from Composer David and Creator Kris.

(note – if you purchased the album through iTunes, CDBaby or other distributor that and are missing the PDF – you can find it right here )

From the PDF Booklet…

From the Composer

Broodhollow is like a perfectly tailored venn diagram. It sits at the intersection of unnerving cosmic horror, clever character driven story, and textural ligne claire art. I’ve always been a fan of contrasting elements; in skilled hands the differences make each aspect shine the brighter. And I don’t know of anyone in comics who handles such contrasts with the deftness and emotional impact that Kris Straub does. Reading the first few panels, I was hit with a major dose of creative catalyst. I was inspired. I work as a composer for film, and when your day job relies on creativity, you come to value genuine inspiration very highly. I wrote some rough drafts, and toyed with the setting in my spare time. When the Kris announced the Kickstarter for the first book, I wrote him directly and told him I’d been writing music inspired by Broodhollow since that first strip. He kindly asked to see some of what I’d done, and this album came about…