Tormented Strings – Sound Design Kontakt Instrument

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Tormented Strings – Sound Design Violin Instrument for Kontakt




Tormented Strings is an experimental sound design library for Kontakt, created from recordings of prepared violin using nonstandard playing techniques (and objects).

The violin was prepared with paperclips, glass bottles and rubber bands, and was played with bow, fingers, guitar slides, razor blades and a metal pick that would pluck above and below the bridge simultaneously. The results are unusual, aggressive and haunting sounds that you won’t find in any normal string library.

This instrument are intended for use in soundscaping, sound effects, hits and stings, as well as adding some unnerving layers to your more traditional compositions.  It features a randomization engine that will send the tone swirling into horror.

Tormented Strings contains 6 .nki instruments, with nearly a gig of Kontakt-compressed samples in 24bit / 48Khz.

***Please note that this library will only function as intended in the full retail version of Kontakt***