Broodhollow – Curious Little Thing: Album Notes

Broodhollow Album header for book 1

Hello, hello hello!

Friends, I had a couple of emails saying that versions of the album that are available on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, and possibly others do not have the album liner notes pdf included! As frustrating as it must be, I hope I’ve come up with a solution for now. You can follow the download link below to get the album liner notes, with lots of info from Kris, and some further background and context on the album as a whole.

I’m terribly sorry; when I go to publish on these platforms it is hit or miss if it’ll go according to plan. Bandcamp and Gumroad both have a much more navigable (or I could just be a massive baby and am unwilling to learn the ins and outs) platforms, and I can say that they definitely have all assets included!

Download the Broodhollow Notes Below