Boulder Floods

Boulder Floods title card

Documentary (2012) | Music by David Graey

Directed by Jackie Fortier
Produced by Brittany Mcnamara

The music for this documentary primarily called for a lively, flowing theme that could move between a reflective and positive tone into a menacing and forboding one. The music had to play a supporting character and embody the duality of the river, but also had to remain pliable enough to move underneath interviews and step out into the forefront. For the river theme, I ended up writing one melody, branched it into a light and a dark varriation, then created multiple varriations of each of those to create a cohesive and anchoring thematic progression. Boulder Floods also called for ‘old-timey’ music to play under narration and photographs from the 1890s. (Ken Burns-esque). I made a point to create a texture and feel that contrasted with majority of the score, something floating and lyrical.