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  • Changing Tides

    Changing Tides

    Feature Documentary (2017) | Music, Sound Design, and Mixing by David Graey Written by Roma Sur and produced by Hans Rosenwinkel A feature-length documentary following the story of a paraplegic man who rediscovers his passion for long distance swimming and accomplishes some incredible milestones. I provided full audio post, from sweetening and mixing to sound…

  • A Breath Away

    A Breath Away

    Short Film (2017) | Sound Design, Composing by David Graey Short film by Claire Fisher A Breath Away is a short film told through narration and sound design. I blended the sound and music to build on a moving, grounded story on top of beautiful cinematography full of symbolism and fantastic realism. You can hear…

  • TRiBES


    Video Game (2015) | Sound Design, Music by David Graey Sadly, this game never made it to release despite having some promising multiplayer mechanics and a really cool aesthetic. Another cautionary tale in the realm of developing a game entirely remotely. I made some classic game-influenced-world music with a heavy African flavor, but some oldschool…

  • Jackie Boy

    Jackie Boy

    Short Film (2015) |Sound Design, Mixing and Music by David Graey Directed and Produced by Musashi Alexander An indie film with a strong sense of humor, noir tones and a thriller atmosphere, Jackie Boy was a pleasure to work on. I provided dialogue editing, sound design, voice and narration recording, final mixing / mastering, and…

  • How Curious

    How Curious

    Podcast (2018) | Theme Music by David Graey Produced by Claire Donnelly and KGOU How Curious is a podcast produced by NPR member station KGOU in Norman, Oklahoma, and takes an inquisitive, quirky but still journalistic look at local history, tall tales and legends. I wrote a playful piece that still maintains a little edge…

  • Broodhollow – Curious Little Thing

    Broodhollow – Curious Little Thing

    Broodhollow is a webcomic created by the supremely talented Kris Straub that combines clean, textural art, cosmic horror (think Lovecraft meets Tintin) and his superb character-driven storytelling. I wrote a soundtrack album to accompany the first book, collecting the first major story arc.

  • The Current

    The Current

    Documentary (2014) |Sound Design, Mixing and Additional Music by David Graey Produced and Directed by Kurt Miller Directed and Written by Hans Rosenwinkel The Current was first aired on EPIX network in 2014. This documentary was shot in RED format in some of the most gorgeous scuba diving locations around the world. It follows people…

  • MUTU


    Video Game (2013) | Music by David Graey Created by Mutu Games An Action Puzzle-Platformer for Android and IOS devices I found Mutu after they ran a successful kickstarter campaign, and were looking for the last few team members to complete the project. I came onboard as the music department. I blended classic 8-bit video…

  • The Golden Hour

    The Golden Hour

    Feature Documentary (2013) | Music, Sound Design, Dialogue Editing and Mixing by David Graey Directed by Jessica McGaugh Written and Directed by Roma Sur I started this project as Sound Designer, Editor and Mixer. The filmmakers had a vision that required a great deal of soundscaping: creating a full, rich and at times overwhelming sonic…

  • Looking for Mr Miyagi

    Looking for Mr Miyagi

    Feature Documentary (2013) | Music by David Graey Directed and Produced by David Liban This Documentary called for a distinctive fusion of East and West, and a balance between tradition and modernity. My overall approach to the soundtrack was to combine intimate and closely recorded acoustic instruments with low-res and early digital sounds, and to…