eXpedition China: Search for Shangri La

Xpedition China cover image

Television Series (2013) |Sound Design, Foley and Mixing by David Graey

Starring, Directed and Produced by Keith Neubert. Produced by Zhang Zenghuang, Juan Lou, Elizabeth Turner Fox and Hans Rosenwinkel

Xpedition China: Search for Shangri La was aired on Discovery: Velocity, National Geographic, and CCTV networks. The project was shot on location with limited personal, given the unprecedented access given to a foreign crew to some of China’s most treasured historic landmarks. I was able to give an individual feel and experience, through sound design and foley effects, to each episode of this thirteen part series. In addition, I provided dialogue editing / cleanup, engineering, mixing and final delivery to multiple television networks.

This project required a full foley and sound design replacement for foreign markets, as well as extensive version, alternate cut and language versions.