Red Pearl


Feature Film (2015) | Recording, Sound Design and Mixing by David Graey Directed and Written by Stacy Barton and Jessica McGaugh “Scarlet Kennedy, “fresh out of fashion school in fabulous Columbus”, is excited to start her first design job out west. What she doesn’t anticipate is how difficult making new friends and starting over can […]

Jackie Boy Movie Poster

Jackie Boy


Short Film (2015) |Sound Design, Mixing and Music by David Graey Directed and Produced by Musashi Alexander An indie film with a strong sense of humor, noir tones and a thriller atmosphere, Jackie Boy was a pleasure to work on. I provided dialogue editing, sound design, voice and narration recording, final mixing / mastering, and […]

The Current title image

The Current


Documentary (2014) |Sound Design, Mixing and Additional Music by David Graey Produced and Directed by Kurt Miller Directed and Written by Hans Rosenwinkel The Current was first aired on EPIX network in 2014. This documentary was shot in RED format in some of the most gorgeous scuba diving locations around the world. It follows people […]

Xpedition China cover image

eXpedition China: Search for Shangri La


Television Series (2013) |Sound Design, Foley and Mixing by David Graey Starring, Directed and Produced by Keith Neubert. Produced by Zhang Zenghuang, Juan Lou, Elizabeth Turner Fox and Hans Rosenwinkel Xpedition China: Search for Shangri La was aired on Discovery: Velocity, National Geographic, and CCTV networks. The project was shot on location with limited personal, […]

The Golden Hour


Feature Documentary (2013) | Music, Sound Design, Dialogue Editing and Mixing by David Graey Directed by Jessica McGaugh Written and Directed by Roma Sur I started this project as Sound Designer, Editor and Mixer. The filmmakers had a vision that required a great deal of soundscaping: creating a full, rich and at times overwhelming sonic […]

Imagining the Law cover image

Imagining the Law


Television Documentary (2013) | Music and Sound Design by David Graey Directed and Produced by Jessica McGaugh This project called for a cohesive approach to sound, processing and music. The director called for intimate, folksy / bluegrass solo instrumentation for the score. The sound design and final mix needed to highlight spaces without infringing on […]

La Pequena Voz cover image

La Pequeña Voz


Feature Film (2013) |  Music, Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, and Mixing by David Graey Produced by James Coulter Directed by David Espy, Kayla Tull, and Genetra Tull A retelling of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables set against the background of modern immigration issues. This film required a detailed approach to dialogue cleaning, sweetening and mixing, as […]