Looking for Mr Miyagi

Looking for Mr Miyagi cover image

Feature Documentary (2013) | Music by David Graey

Directed and Produced by David Liban

This Documentary called for a distinctive fusion of East and West, and a balance between tradition and modernity. My overall approach to the soundtrack was to combine intimate and closely recorded acoustic instruments with low-res and early digital sounds, and to mix a strong traditional Japanese style with a downtempo hiphop feel. I wanted each piece to contain enough space to let the different instrumentation and styles mesh. The score needed to bring a level of playfullness at times, gravitas at others, and emotional depth throughout.
The music functioned as both interview bed / background music and traditional score, so it needed to move into and out of “focus” smoothly and coherently.

“David is a super talented composer/musician. He really has a knack for composing music perfectly tailored for the documentary project he worked on for me. He demonstrated that he can compose for pretty much any genre needed and he’s really a pleasure to work with. I hope to collaborate with him again.”

– David Liban, Director/Producer

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