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  • A Breath Away

    A Breath Away

    Short Film (2017) | Sound Design, Composing by David Graey Short film by Claire Fisher A Breath Away is a short film told through narration and sound design. I blended the sound and music to build on a moving, grounded story on top of beautiful cinematography full of symbolism and fantastic realism. You can hear…

  • Jackie Boy

    Jackie Boy

    Short Film (2015) |Sound Design, Mixing and Music by David Graey Directed and Produced by Musashi Alexander An indie film with a strong sense of humor, noir tones and a thriller atmosphere, Jackie Boy was a pleasure to work on. I provided dialogue editing, sound design, voice and narration recording, final mixing / mastering, and…

  • Sale El Sol

    Sale El Sol

    Short Film (2013) | Music, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering by David Graey A film by Emily Redstone This experimental short film required intensive and very specific sound design. The sound had to follow the narrative description and help reinforce a sense of place and drama, while the visuals portrayed symbolic and sometimes strange images.…