Jackie Boy

Jackie Boy Movie Poster

Short Film (2015) |Sound Design, Mixing and Music by David Graey
Directed and Produced by Musashi Alexander

An indie film with a strong sense of humor, noir tones and a thriller atmosphere, Jackie Boy was a pleasure to work on. I provided dialogue editing, sound design, voice and narration recording, final mixing / mastering, and original music, including the title theme for this film. This track needed to have a cinematic, edgy funk feel with specific timing for the opening.


David Graey won me over with just his cover letter. I knew this guy understood the importance of sound in a film. And it’s evident in just how much he is capable of doing in the world of sound. David did not only all the post production sound design/mixing, he even composed the theme song to the film in which he played all of the instruments and then SANG on it. He is as all-in-one as you can get when it comes to sound work for film projects. I’ll be the first to say I am very perfectionist when it comes to my work, but David was never a problem. He was the right fit for me because he appreciates all the minutiae involved in even the tiniest of sound moments when it comes to film storytelling. My film would not be what it is if it wasn’t for him. Anyone would be lucky to work with him, as I certainly was.
-Musashi Alexander – Director / Producer

Here is an early version of the theme song to Jackie Boy.