The Golden Hour

Feature Documentary (2013) | Music, Sound Design, Dialogue Editing and Mixing by David Graey

Directed by Jessica McGaugh

Written and Directed by Roma Sur

I started this project as Sound Designer, Editor and Mixer. The filmmakers had a vision that required a great deal of soundscaping: creating a full, rich and at times overwhelming sonic picture of India’s traffic. I created a moldable soundscape that could follow the narrative and respond to the emotion of the story. I also wrote some cues, and composed and produced the closing credits song.

“My film partner and I hired David for our film The Golden Hour. It is a feature documentary about road accidents in India. David came forth with brilliant ideas on how to make Delhi’s chaotic and overwhelming traffic a character in the film. The sound in the film is rich and dynamic. He also composed the end titile track for the film which is a fusion style Indian track with lyrics. Even though he does not speak Hindi, he broke down every word and musically interpreted it to create an impressive track. Above all David has outstanding work ethic and is very easy to work with”

– Roma Sur, Writer / Director

“David is trustworthy and delivers an excellent product on time. I have hired him to do postproduction and music for two large documentary projects and I will continue to hire him for future work.”

– Jessica McGaugh, Director

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